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My father's ambition for me to become a shorthand typist, was fuel for resistance and a springboard to a life in the industrial and fine arts. At twenty-six I emigrated to Australia. I am thankful that these early challenges taught me to follow my heart resulting in 42 years of photography. Catching up with new technology, studying photography and teaching it, has been a journey that I would not change.
Passionate about the animal world, I once worked in the education department of the London Zoo, where I became fascinated with wildlife photography. Ten years ago, I retired from teaching and started working in wildlife photography. Only now can I afford the equipment it requires, I am also grateful for all the underpinning knowledge in other photographic fields that assists the success in this one.

My Work

The thing about wildlife is that it is vanishing, the sadness I feel is beyond description. The loss of the natural world and global warming is the greatest current crisis to ever affect our lives. The speed with which wildlife is becoming extinct is alarming, - animals we take for granted will soon cease to exist, 95% of Albatross are now affected by plastic, the black Rhino predicted to last only another five years to name two of many.
I am now dedicated to covering wildlife along with many other wildlife photographers, as I believe that these will be some of the last images ever taken of many species.

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