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Yvonne Smuts

About Me

Nothing gives me quite as much joy as traveling and exploring new cultures with all the associated sights and sounds and smells. Having visited some twenty countries my hope is to continue to explore this amazing planet of ours and embrace the diversity through the lens of my camera. The ongoing and compelling nature of being a photographer began seriously around 10 years ago.

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My Work

The Diversity of God's Creation is what motivates me and I see through my lens all the nuances of a God Who is limitless. In His Light I see light... and light of course is the essence of what sets an image apart....
The Mystery of wildlife in their natural habitat is my primary passion, and I am always delighted by the unexpected. Photographing a moment of intense activity brings the reward of being able to later explore that moment in depth as the images reveal the "so much more". Most images on my Portfolio are set in Botswana and South Africa, but I have also spent many hours in the Coorong South Australia, observing and photographing the local and migrant birds.