Stefanie Roeske

Capture the moments, so they will never be forgotten

About Me

“I was born in October '85 as an only child in Germany. Back in Germany, I have worked in an office as business assistant for correspondence and foreign languages, I have worked as a sales person for a big company. On the hunt for something more creative, I started to work in a small fine art theatre with all kinds of different characters. But none of these jobs would give me the joy and satisfaction to spend the rest of my working live in these places. At the age of 25, I decided to go on an adventure. I sold everything I owned and booked a ticket to Australia. Packed all I had left in ONE backpack and off I went. No plan, no expectations of my future. I just lived the dream. My journey ended quick, as I had found the place, I now call home. Found somebody, I want to spend my life with. Home is a 1100 km2 sheep station in the beautiful Gawler Ranges in South Australia. Peaceful, wide, open land. Red sand, rolling hills, dry salt lakes. Together we have 2 children. In 2017, I finished a Diploma in Professional Photography with “The Photography Institute, PI”. In 2018, I started working with the team from Outback Creative to sell some of my work online. Now I am a home schooling mother, taking on the jobs wherever a helping hand is needed. I am using every opportunity to follow my passion of taking photographs. Capturing and sharing the moments, so they will never be forgotten.”

My Work

minimalistic - artistic - colorful