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We have received many testimonials from students who have successfully completed the Professional Photography Course.

Please enjoy some of our student testimonials listed below.

"I have recently finished the Professional Photography Course with The Photography Institute and I have to admit that I will truly miss it.

This course was my first step into the photography world. I always had a passion for photography, but I didn't have any technical knowledge. This course provided me with everything from technical to practical photography knowledge and directed me on the right path.

As this course is entirely online, it has fitted perfectly in to my busy lifestyle, so I was able to study whenever I could, with no fixed times and no deadlines.

I would like to give a huge thanks to my tutor George Seper for his knowledgeable and professional comments on all of my assignments and for motivating me to continue growing as a photographer.

George was always very helpful with a good sense of humour. He made my study enjoyable and challenging together, and always helped with any questions I had.

I am positive that I will continue practicing my skills and one day soon become a professional photographer. If you are not sure about taking this course, I honestly say: Go for it!.."

...Zuzana Kabastova. Potts Point, NSW.

"After being self taught for so long (over 10 years), I decided that it was time to get some formal training in photography, so that I could improve on my skills and update my business accordingly.

I have now finished the course and I can honestly say that the feedback the tutor gave me on all of my assignments has proven invaluable. My tutor, Stephen Power, was very knowledgeable and has given me the confidence to continue with my business, but in a new direction. I was given tips on how I could improve my photography for future shoots, as well as advice on how to improve my business website to achieve a more professional appearance overall.

I was able to download the individual modules and read them on my computer or iPad and study at my own pace. I submitted assignments online at whatever time of the night I wanted to, and I always got a very quick response in relation to the marking of my assignments.

This course allowed me to improve on my photography techniques and encouraged me to feel confident about moving my business forward, in a positive way. The modules were easy to understand and the individual assignments really made you think about the technical aspects of what you were shooting including lighting, composition and retouching techniques, amongst a whole lot more.

The photography within the modules gave clear examples of what the information was explaining, and showed real life examples and what the industry standards are all about. They provided great information on how to sell yourself, by giving advice on constructing your own photography portfolio and getting out there and going for it.

I can recommend doing this course if you need a flexible study option and would like to update your photography skills. The course even has its own Facebook page, where you can connect with others that are also completing the same assignments as you are.

Thank you to George, Stephen and the team at The Photography Institute for giving me the chance to further my career. I really appreciate it..."

...Kelly Pack. Rochedale South, QLD.

"The Photography Institute's diploma course has given me the tools and skills required to turn my passion for photography into a business.

I've had an interest in photography for a few years and really wanted to gain a better understanding of how to turn my creative visions and ideas into quality photographs.

I found the modules covering light, lighting and studio equipment in particular were extremely useful as I have a strong interest in portraiture and fashion photography. Not only do the modules give you the technical information you need, but they also give you real world examples of how professional photographers make a living and the challenges that they constantly face.

This course has the flexibility that I needed to fit studies around full time work and family commitments. My tutor and the Student Support team were always right there with advice and information when needed and definitely were a fantastic resource over the duration of the course.

Less than 12 months later I'm happy to say that I'm booking paid jobs as a freelance photographer and in the process of securing a studio space in Melbourne..."

...Daniel Fisher. Dandenong South, VIC.

"I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank George Seper and The Photography Institute, on helping me to achieve one of the most important and enjoyable milestones in my life so far. 10 years ago when I first became interested in photography as a hobby, I had no idea that years later I would be completing my Diploma in photography and working full-time as a professional Photographer.

It's not very common for people to actually love their job. But nevertheless, here I am. After doing a great deal of research on a variety of different photography courses, I decided to choose The Photography Institute for a variety of personal reasons.

Firstly, the online course allowed me to access the modules and complete my assignments in my own time. This was crucial to me, as my working week is never ending. Secondly, I wanted to be trained by someone who has worked extensively in the photography world - someone who has a long history working successfully at the top of their game, in a volatile photography market, around the globe. Finally, I wanted value for money. I truly wanted this to be successful. I found all of this and more with The Photography Institute.

The modules are excellently crafted, with George's own personal hint of humour making every read as enjoyable as the last. The information is concise and easy to understand, with direct examples to show firsthand how it can be performed in the field. The assignments compliment each module so not only are you learning the important theoretical aspects of photography and the photography business, but also putting it into practise as quickly as possible.

The feedback from George and the PI team on various submissions and ideas were always spot on. Plus, it was never a case of right or wrong – but put simply a 'way to perhaps do it better'. This was fantastic.

After completing my Diploma of Photography with The Photography Institute, I have gone from taking what I thought were good photos, to creating professional images that sell. This is a huge and successful leap for me.

I am now working full-time as a professional photographer, shooting with many different individuals and companies, including the Queensland Ballet and Mercedes Benz. Wow. My structured business plan is currently on track, and I am sometimes overwhelmed with excitement when I see what is possible for me to achieve in the next 12 months.

If anyone is thinking of turning their hobby into a full-time profession, George and the team at The Photography Institute have the ability to help make it happen. Don't allow yourself the chance of looking back in years to come and thinking I wish I should've. Just take a deep breath and do it. You may be pleasantly surprised at what can happen..."

...David Jeffries. Brisbane, QLD.

"I started this course as a stay at home mother who had not studied in over 10 years. I found it to be perfect for my lifestyle as I could learn at my own pace, any time of the day or night!

My tutor gave amazing feedback with each assignment and was quick to reply to any questions I may have had. The fact that the tutors themselves are professional photographers is an amazing privilege and a great resource. I learnt so much just from my tutors comments alone. Where else can you get access to such highly regarded professionals on a daily basis?

The course is written in a thorough yet light-hearted way, making reading it not only educational but enjoyable! George’s humour made each module less daunting, and as someone diving back into education after such a long break, this was very important to me.

I have now started my own business specialising in natural children’s portraiture which I never would have done without this course. Not only was I taught how my camera functioned but how to compose a beautiful image everytime! I went from hobbyist to professional, all in under 7 months.

If you are looking for a course that not only caters to a busy lifestyle, teaches you how to use your camera but also gives you the knowledge of how to move forward and sell yourself in the industry, then this course is for you. I cannot recommend it enough! It has given me the confidence and most importantly the ABILITY to go as far as I want with photography..."

...Krystle Williams. Tallangatta, VIC.

"Before completing my Diploma in Photography, I was not confident at all with the photos I took and certainly didn’t believe I could make money off taking photos.

Since completing this course I have established myself and I am getting a steady flow of work from kids & family portraiture, weddings, corporate events and selling fine art prints.

I have my own website which has generated plenty of work for me and has put me on the road to becoming a successful photographer.

I have George and the great support of the team to thank.

I absolutely recommend this course to EVERYONE..."

...Simon Everiss. Sydney, NSW.

"This course is amazing! I’ve become so used to learning from the modules, assignments, fellow students and my tutor. It’s very sad that it’s ended!

Before this course, I had almost no knowledge of how to use an SLR. I got my first ever SLR two months prior to starting the course. Now, I know how to get the most out of my camera and also how to professionally approach a broad range of different photographic situations.

The content is worth its weight in gold. I did the course in my own home at a relatively relaxed pace. The last few assignments really made me think about my future photographic career. I honestly didn’t think the course would be as comprehensive as it is. I now feel totally prepared for setting up or joining a photographic business.

My tutor, Steven Vote, was very thorough, professional, kind, wise and passionate about photography. He added little touches of humour in his critique of my assignments which really helped ease my nerves. Throughout the course George Seper also added small doses of humour amongst the vast expanses of knowledge he provided in the modules. This really added a ‘down to earthiness’ to the course that I loved. Even though I never got to meet Steven or George face to face I can tell that they are great people. They have been a huge inspiration to me.

Through the Facebook page for PI students, I saw other students’ work, got answers to important questions, received and gave feedback and loved participating with so many others who were doing the same course as me.

This experience has given me the knowledge, motivation and confidence to pursue the photographic career I thought was far out of reach. It’s improved my photography so much already and I know that it can only get better from here. I also know the journey will be tough, but this course has empowered me to get out there and give the photographic industry my very best.

...Cailin Gore. Brisbane, QLD.

"I love art and creativity, and this course has provided me with a well-planned steer toward becoming a better photographer. I would like to thank George for sharing his professional knowledge and the helpful support team for making this journey such a pleasant learning experience.

The course has a myriad of articles and engaging activities from understanding exposure, creative techniques for composing different types of photos, to interesting assignments that put what you learn into practice. Speaking from experience, things just get better each step of the way with the culmination of earning the Diploma.

On top of that, assignment feedback provided by George has been both insightful (based on his personal experience) and encouraging. The thing I find that sets this course apart from the rest, is the personal mentorship along the way and the genuineness with which everyone at PI brings demonstrates.

Thank you once again to the team at PI for a job well done and making this so worthwhile. I highly recommend this course to any keen photographer..."

…Kenneth Chan. Melbourne, VIC.

"So, here I am at the other end of this course. I'm someone who's always been very interested in photography, but didn't know the first thing about f stops, aperture, histograms (histo-what??) and to top it off, hadn't studied for 30 years.
Could I do a self-paced course, whilst holding down a full-time job and travelling 3 hours a day? Why not!

What better way to test yourself, and prove you're not the biggest procrastinator on the planet and gain the sound and knowledgeable advice throughout the duration of the course from your tutor (I was fortunate enough to get George Seper himself). The PI support team were also fabulous and I gained very valuable insight from my fellow PI students online - seriously, who needs a classroom!

I've learnt so much. More than I could ever have imagined, and the proof is always in the pudding, when you realise "hey, I can take great photos" - and you did it all in Manual mode.

I urge anyone who's looked at this course online, thought about it, but hasn't quite been sure whether to take the plunge. Don't hesitate - do it! It's worth every cent, you'll get a wealth of information out of this course and find yourself standing at the other end, like me - throwing your virtual cap in the air and doing a happy dance..."

...Rebecca Diepenheim. Melbourne, VIC.

"I researched a number of different courses before I decided to do this course at The Photography Institute, after the first module I knew I had made the right decision.

The course just kept on getting better and better; with a great mix of technical skill and industry knowledge George Seper has put together a very informative and well rounded course that is full of valid information and the opportunity for anyone to grow as a photographer, as well as some extremely valuable tricks of the trade.

My tutor was fabulous and continuously gave positive and constructive feedback that was very much personalised to me. He was prompt in his replies to my questions and on marking and giving me feedback on my assignments.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and studying online, it was so easy to download the modules and submit the assignments and the best part was that my life could continue and this course didn't cause me any added stress or strain as I could do it in my own time!

I am now a working freelance photographer, still gaining experience in my chosen field; I am however a working professional and I am getting more and more great opportunities coming my way. Thank you to all of you at The Photography Institute for your hard work and passion for photography!..."

...Tracy Finnemore. Scarborough, WA.

"I knew very little about photography before doing this course - only that I enjoyed it. I was shooting in auto modes and had no idea about composition or different lenses. This course starts with the fundamentals of photography for beginners and gets you to put that knowledge to use in assignments to really make it click. It builds on these fundamentals and really goes into depth on a host of topics I never knew existed and previously didn't realise what affect they have on final images.

George's style of writing is laid back and often humorous. I found the modules very easy to read and quite entertaining. The assignments compliment the modules well and drive home the lessons to be learnt. It covers not only the technical side of photography but also finding work as a Photographer in your field of choice and making a solid career.

Right from the get go I could see an improvement in my photos. I have learned to previsualise and compose my pictures to make them so much more impactful.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course; it has fuelled my passion for photography. I love the confidence it has given me in being able to take wonderful pictures. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to any budding Photographers whether they are beginners or more experienced shutter-bugs just looking to further their knowledge and take their work the next level...."

My Flickr photostream:

...Simon Baker. Southport, QLD.

"Prior to starting the course with The Photography Institute, the only thing I knew about photography was that I loved it and wanted to do so much more with it.

I had this brand new digital SLR, but I would only turn the dial to P mode and point and shoot. That wasn't enough for me! I found The Photography Institute online and now here I am, 6 months later with a Diploma in Photography and the knowledge I've gained is priceless.

I can't believe the quality of photos I am now taking compared to 6 months ago. I am now looking at the world as if I'm looking through a camera lens! I have a goal of owning my own successful photography business and I already have 4 clients booked in for photo shoots because they love my work, thanks to the knowledge I've gained from The Photography Institute.

There are so many positives of studying with The Photography Institute. I guess the main one for me would be the convenience of studying from home. Not having to organise babysitters to get to a class, I could study in my own time around my commitments. The course was fun to do and the modules were very easy to read, with a little humour thrown in from George to give you some laughs. It was easy to stay committed to completing the course, because I never wanted to put it down.

It was very affordable with easy payment plans; it didn't put any strain on my budget. If I had any questions, it was easy to message the tutors or Student Support and I would have a response within 24 hours.

The feedback you get on your assignments and having your own work critiqued by professional photographers is an invaluable lesson in itself.

Thanks to The Photography Institute I now have a very exciting future ahead of me...."

...Andrea Klaster. Narre Warren South, VIC.

"I will begin by saying I cannot speak more highly of the course with The Photography Institute. I began knowing very little about photography except that it was my passion.

Enrolling with The Photography Institute has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to do it in my own time, in my own home and still receive the support and encouragement from my tutor and Student Support staff. They were truly wonderful and they definitely know their stuff.

The information was fantastic and I now have the confidence and knowledge to run my own successful business in my choice of photography; Fashion and Glamour.

I have recently started my own business and am now paid to do what I love. I work with models doing photo shoots on a weekly basis and have worked for some big companies already; YMCA Australia, Global Leisure and Surf Lifesaving Australia, where my photography is now seen all over Australia in stores and leisure centres. My photography is currently being looked at by magazines as we speak and I can honestly say I would never of had this opportunity if I hadn't pursued my love for photography with The Photography Institute.

I couldn't be happier with my choice of schooling and am incredibly proud of myself for getting to where I am now and I owe it to The Photography Institute's Diploma in Photography.

Thank you to George Seper, my tutor and the support team. I am now looking forward to a bright and exciting future..."

...Danielle Sargent. Melbourne, VIC.

"I have always had a passion for photography and like many keen photographers from the past I watched digital technology advancing at a rapid pace from the fence. Eventually I took the plunge and purchased a digital compact camera and not long after acquired a digital SLR camera.

How easy taking photos had become since I last used a 35mm camera some 20 years ago.  I clicked away and although sometimes I was rewarded with a great shot, most of my results were ordinary. I didn’t really understand why I was getting ordinary images nor did I understand how I was getting the odd great shot. I had little knowledge of the technology I was using or the skill to consistently achieve great shots.

This was my motivation to enrol on the Professional Photography Course offered by The Photography Institute. Now after successfully completing the course I click away with knowledge and confidence that when I activate the shutter on my camera the result will be a calculated one rather than luck.

For me doing the course online was a huge benefit as it meant I could fit the course into my busy work schedule and not be pressured by time restraints. I was concerned that once I had enrolled, I would be left on my own to work through the modules, but this was not the case as George Seper and his team provided ongoing assistance and feedback from start to finish. I had fun doing the course and now I am having much more fun with my camera getting better results.

The Photography Institute has given me the confidence to start selling my photographs on my own website at"

...Kurt Steel. Joondalup, WA.

"I have just recently finished my photography course with The Photography Institute, it took me 10 months to complete and now I can't believe it's all over! My Mum asked me yesterday; 'so what are you going to do with yourself now?'. Well thanks to The Photography Institute, I now feel that I am equipped with all the tools that I need to put myself out there in the industry.

Having your own personal tutor and having their feedback on all the photos you take is priceless and has made me so much more confident in the work I do! It is truly fantastic to have your tutor critic your work as a photographer working in the industry. The feedback you receive on assignments is really great and you will learn from this as well, not just from the modules.

George Seper is ingenious! I have not studied since 2005 so I wasn't sure how I would fair but he made this course a delight to read, all the while you are learning invaluable information and at times laughing along as you go! The assignments are all lots of fun and it’s amazing how there is always something more to learn or something you didn't know.

That's the great thing about photography, we will never stop learning! So we will never be bored! The most amazing thing about this course is that you can go as fast or as slow as you like! I completed this course, as I said, in 10 months all the while I was working two jobs, photographing weddings, travelling overseas, getting engaged and the list goes on (Also I don't know of any educational facility that lets you wear your pyjamas to class)!

I am really glad that I did this course, and for such a minimal fee considering everything that you learn and gain.

I have recommended this course to a friend already and he is halfway through and loving it.

Please click here, to see some of my work.

I want to thank everyone at The Photography Institute, keep up the good work..."

...Courtney Raper. Avalon, NSW.

"I want to say thanks to George Seper for his course. He really knows his stuff!

The course was extremely easy to follow, jammed packed with really useful information. The assignments were challenging and taught me so much about how to get the best out of my camera and myself!

Since doing the course, I have gone on to do quite a lot of commercial shooting around Newcastle, the Central Coast and the North Coast of NSW. My work has been featured in tourist brochures and publications. I have also been shooting real estate photography around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Once again thanks for the course PI!

If any prospective students are still deciding......don't think about it, just do it. You won't be disappointed!..."

...Mark Counsell. Tighes Hill, NSW.

"I have just completed the PI course and I am very happy with the outcome. I feel I have benefited a lot from doing this online course!

I discovered my passion for photography while travelling. My skills were self taught and even though I felt I had the confidence to turn my hobby into a career, I felt I needed that extra education and this is where I discovered The Photography Institute. Each module was very informative and also quite easy to understand, if I was ever stuck or didn't understand a part of my assignment I would email either Student Support or my tutor, I would always get my answer within 12 hours, sometimes in 2 hours, it was great.

The feedback I also received from my tutor after I submitted my assignments was very informative and very helpful. In some of the modules it required you to submit photos, this part is excellent, as your tutor critiques your photos, this was important for learning new techniques and developing my skills.

I have now completed my course and am happy with all of my results. I am now working as a freelance Photographer, I am currently targeting new fashion designers and also new models, I would love to be the photographer for the next Alex Perry or Miranda Kerr, that is my goal, my dream.

I would highly recommend anybody who is considering taking this course, I have learnt a lot from this course and I believe you will too.

Good luck!..."

...Dani Burley. St Kilda, VIC.

"I wanted to pursue a creative hobby to balance my working life as an engineer. I've always enjoyed photography and decided to develop my basic skills. I found The Photography Institute offered the most worthwhile, well-structured and good value photography course, so I signed up!

The Professional Photography Course delivered exactly what I wanted. The excellent technical detail of camera and light fundamentals (with a focus on digital capture), was balanced with practical advice and a touch of interesting history. The business, equipment and budgeting sections of the course are useful for me as a hobbyist and no doubt invaluable for an aspiring pro.

George Seper has a genuine interest in your learning and success. He shares hard earned experience and provides suggestions for further reading on various topics. The course notes are thorough but clearly written and the assignments are suitably challenging.

The flexible online learning format was perfect for me, working full-time and travelling regularly. I received valuable feedback and prompt responses to other questions through the online tutelage.

Completing the Professional Photography Course has boosted my confidence in photography and I plan to have an exhibition in a little gallery or cafe later this year, for fun! I am not aiming to be a pro at this stage but we'll see what happens. In fact this course, indirectly, has led to an exciting career change from engineering to design!

I'll continue to highly recommend The Photography Institute to hobbyists or enthusiasts interested in developing their skills, or those who are looking for valuable guidance towards becoming pro..."

...Carl Turner. Perth, WA.

"I have just finished my Diploma of Professional Photography and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Photography is something I have always wanted to get involved in but it never seemed possible to find a course to fit in with my busy lifestyle. When I came across The Photography Institute's diploma course it seemed to do just that and it had a comprehensive look at the world I was so keen to be a part of.

My knowledge of photography was limited and the majority of my photos were taken in auto, or one of the pre-programmed settings. Right from the start of the course it explained the technical side of photography in a way that was easy to understand even for someone with very limited experience. The assignments were designed to test what you had learnt in the module but also gave you a chance to get honest, open and genuine feedback on your work. This is an opportunity most people would not get in the real world.

George Seper was honest and fair with his marks and comments and was helpful throughout the course. The few times I had to contact Student Support I found them excellent. They were prompt, helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. The course also gave me advice about next steps, finding work, finding an agency and working towards a professional portfolio. This is all vital advice for having a career, of whatever magnitude, in photography.

I am grateful to George and the team at The Photography Institute for helping me reach a place in my photography that I am happy with. I was not sure where I wanted to take my photography in the long term but with the help of the course I have managed to line up some work already..."

...Melissa Symister. Sydney, NSW.

"This course turned a dream into a reality for me at the most hectic time in my life. I have always enjoyed taking photos but never dreamed that I could take a camera, as a painter takes their brush, and turn an ordinary image into a work of art.

George Seper and his team at The Photography Institute made this possible for me and can do the same for you. Being able to study at my own pace made it possible to fit the course into a busy schedule of juggling a young family, extended family, work and social commitments, without sacrificing anything but gaining a skill I have been wanting to learn for years.

George is a thorough, down to earth tutor with a great sense of humour who only leaves you wanting to learn more. His experience and wealth of knowledge is priceless. He made me see things in my work which improved my skill and technique with each module. I now have the confidence to show my work and have already made money from it.

Thank you George, it was a privilege to have the good fortune to find you and become your student. The support team at The Photography Institute are fantastic too. I always found them extremely helpful and there was never any delay or problem.

I would also like to thank them for the employment opportunity gained through the wonderful work they do. George and the team at The Photography Institute are wonderful professionals and I am going to miss them. I had so much fun while gaining so much and am truly on the way to becoming a professional photographer.

They could make your dream come true too. It's up to you. Don't waste another second wondering 'what if'. Just do it! I will always be grateful I did...."

...Evangelia Roll. Carss Park, NSW.

"With the knowledge and confidence that I obtained from doing the online Professional Photography Course, provided by The Photography Institute, I managed to find employment as a professional photographer after just 5 weeks!

Even before graduating I was well on the way to being a full-time professional photographer..."

...Mark Evans. Mosman Park, WA.

"Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to PI because this course has changed my life.

After spending many years as an enthusiastic hobby photographer shooting everything from autumn leaves on a dusty street to capturing endless laughter at family gatherings. The course has furnished me with valuable knowledge about how the digital system actually works, together with practical teachings about how to manipulate the controls of the camera to achieve the effect that you may have in your mind.

I loved the ease of the online delivery as it enabled you to work in your own time, with no time pressures inflicted on you. This course has focused my mind and my passion in the area of photography that I wish to pursue and I have already signed a contract with a professional imaging laboratory, and have had 6 paid projects to date, one of which was obtained through the Student Support team at PI.

It is truly a dream come true for me to finally follow my passion to earn money from something that I love so much..."

...Siobhan Wolff. Kew, VIC.

"Thank you George and the team at The Photography Institute for helping me complete my Diploma in Photography.

In just seven months I have gone from enjoying taking photos with my happy snapper to being able to take top quality images with my SLR. After dropping out of studying in another area of the creative industries at uni, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. It wasn't until a family member suggested I do photography that I hopped online and discovered The Photography Institute.

I didn't think I could seriously make photography my career; it was just something I enjoyed in my spare time. After reading the course outline and paying the small fee, I jumped straight in to discover this whole new world I had been missing out on.

The freedom of studying online was amazing. I could still work my two jobs and be able to complete the modules in my spare time. Having this independence really made me more motivated and with George's humorous writing skills, I never got bored.

The Support team were there to quickly respond to any of my dramas in an efficient and friendly manner. I also managed to get a job as a photographer with a company only a month after starting the course.

Now I have written my twelve month plan and am on the way to starting my own business. I would never have had the confidence to do this before the course. Thank you to everyone again! This course is a fantastic opportunity and if you are considering taking it yourself I say jump in and go for it, you only live once and you definitely won't regret it..."

...Vanessa Jendra. Caboolture, QLD.

"The Professional Photography course combines technical teachings with business guidance in easy to understand modules.

The advice given on the course, through the modules and feedback from assignments, comes from a wealth of expert skill and industry experience, that isn't available anywhere else.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable course, and its online flexibility allows you to fit study in and around full time work, and the practical assignments provide hands-on experience, to really seal the knowledge learnt in the theory. The tutor support is fantastically thorough, providing feedback as good as being in a classroom with a tutor, at a one-on-one level. But most importantly, the course teaches how to apply technical knowledge to support creative flair, but with the emphasis on focusing it in the commercial world, by taking client needs into consideration.

The commercial side of things being the business aspect of the course, gives insightful knowledge of how to market yourself and your business, make the right contacts, and really focus your skills, ideas, desires, portfolio, business planning, and purchasing towards a particular photographic career. The Diploma in Photography is a complete account of the knowledge, skill and direction required to successfully build a career in professional photography. Even for someone not yet ready to move into a professional career, the business aspects of the course provide an insight that is valuable to any business venture, and promotion of your work even at amateur level...."

...Marie Skilling, Scarborough, QLD.

"Completing this online course was a huge boost to both my skills and confidence as a photographer. Thanks to it, I have now a much broader knowledge of the many components needed to start a freelance career.

The fact that George himself was marking my assignments was really a bonus. I learnt a lot from his tuition and his comments were right to the point. The lessons are well balanced with technical information, George’s tips based on his broad professional experience and links where you can learn and research more about the topics. As part of the outcome, I learnt to discover and improve my own photography style, identify the best tools for my photography projects and create a portfolio, to name a few. Having the chance to keep my own pace really helped me a lot, since I had to take a break in the middle of the course while my DSLR had to be repaired.

I do recommend this training to all those who want to take their photography skills to a new level and learn the tools of the trade of freelance photography.

After these months of study I am going to miss the anticipation of waiting for the next lesson or reading the comments my tutor made to my assignments.

Thanks George, for your support and mentoring..."

...Alfredo Prado. Port Melbourne, VIC.

"I have always had an interest in taking pictures, so I decided to upgrade to a digital SLR about 18 months ago. After reading the manual cover to cover I understood how the camera worked but I really wanted to discover the art of taking a better photo.

I felt a bit nervous taking on assignments as it has been a long time since I did any sort of studying.

The Photography Institute provides an excellent program and working at my own pace could not have fitted in better in my hectic lifestyle.

Since finishing the course I have got a job at a local portrait studio on Saturdays. I'm not sure if this is something I would like to do as a profession or just keep as a hobby, but I have definitely been steered in the right direction..."

...Leanne Whalley, Carramar, WA.

"I would like to thank George Seper very much for teaching me valuable lessons and important photographic information. I highly recommend this course to anyone!

I feel grateful and privileged to be taught by George and your staff. I have accomplished a sense of achievement and confidence to go out there and strut my knowledge without hesitation.

I am also grateful that you have passed your knowledge on to me. There are excellent standards in place to achieve this diploma. I admire the detail in George's teaching techniques and his professionalism is priceless.

Recommended highly....thank you, thank you, thank you..."

...Rachelle Jones. Burekup, WA.

"I have just completed in 11 months my photography course through The Photography Institute. I appreciate that most people taking this course will do so with a view to obtaining employment as photographer. Whilst employment was not my primary motivation now that I have completed my photography Institute course there may be an opportunity in the future for me to work as a freelance photographer.

I initially enrolled in the course so I could learn how to ”drive” my camera efficiently and take high quality photos of Australian wildlife that I could then use to create ink drawings for use in sandblasting. I have certainly acquired knowledge and skills through this course that would have taken me years to learn on my own.

The notes are written in ”plain English” and are easy to follow and understand. The feedback on my assignments was always constructive and encouraging with suggestions on how to improve images.

I enjoy self-paced learning so The Photography Institute's online course suited my style of learning to a tee. I certainly found the course challenging in many parts, but then I do enjoy a challenge and learning new skills.

I now need to practice the skills and knowledge that I have acquired to produce photos of a professional standard, but through The Photography Institute I am well on my way to achieving that goal. My appetite has been sufficiently whetted through taking this course that I will extend my knowledge and skills into landscapes, architecture and sports photography.

Thank you The Photography Institute for helping me achieve my goal. My license to drive my camera is now current!..."

...Pauline Dwyer. Cotton Tree, QLD.

"My name is Deanne Reid. I am currently 23 years old. I had always had an interest in photography and decided it was about time I did something about it.

I found The Photography Institute online and after looking over the website and comparing it to other online and correspondence photography courses I decided to go with them!

Best decision I ever made.

The course is written by a professional Photographer (George Seper) who has been in the industry for decades and really knows the ins and outs of the business. The modules are written in plain English and everything is thoroughly explained. Any problems I had were quickly solved by my tutor.

Overall the course was entertaining, informative and made very easy by all the help I received. I would recommend it to anyone interested in photography..."

...Deanne Reid. Beerwah, QLD.

"Thanks for a great course.

I love the flexibility which suits me at this point in my life. I completed my assignments in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Brisbane - so no limitations!

I couldn't have done this if I was attending a TAFE course!

Ongoing contact with the tutor and feedback was so helpful. I feel like I have a solid grounding to begin a new phase of my career, although I will get a lot out of re-reading all my notes after doing the 12 modules..."

...Simon Woods. Brisbane, QLD.

"This course has supported me through my development from photography hobbyist to professional wedding and fashion photographer! I was amazed by how much I didn't know!

The support of my tutor George and his team were second to none. I feel very lucky to have worked so closely with an industry professional.

Thank you! I have been given the greatest gift, that of knowledge and understanding of an industry I love! ..."

...Bree Kelly. Leongatha, Vic.

"I have just completed my diploma with The Photography Institute and I am so proud!

I'd always had a passion for photography and thought I'd do something official about it. I bit the bullet, signed up for the course and didn't look back once! I thought to myself ”why didn't I do this months ago”!

Before starting the course I thought that I knew my camera. I was so wrong!

The amazing knowledge and life experience that George has to offer boosted my confidence tenfold! I am now confident for people to trust me to give them good quality photographs of their special moments.

Along with George's sense of humour and constructive criticism, this course is a must for any photography hobbyist.

Thank you George and The Photography Institute team! ..."

...Amy Cooper. Darwin, NT.

"A huge thank you to George Seper and The Photography Institute, for truly opening my eyes to a way of viewing and perceiving both light and colour, that has not only been life-changing in the way in which I view the world, but also in the way in which I now take photographs.

As a beginner, I found the technical knowledge invaluable and I also loved the way the course allowed me to understand my camera, that is, its two dimensional view of the world and its limitations, and hence enable me to get the most out of my camera.

The course was also excellent preparation for understanding the professional industry's requirements, ethical dilemmas and competitiveness; which guides you to set realistic goals for your career aspirations in light of your skill level.

I also liked the flexibility of online learning as I run my own business, so to set my own deadlines for completing modules within a realistic timeframe was a great way of learning.

George Seper as my tutor, with his balance of constructive feedback and encouragement, allowed me the flexibility to create my own style and follow my own passion within the technical boundaries. I always found Student Support to be incredibly professional, efficient, prompt and helpful.

The course enabled me to build my confidence in gaining volunteer photography assistant work for the photographer at the dance studio I dance at, where I am mastering taking photos of movement in low and colour changing light with no flash.

All in all, the course was a thoroughly enjoyable way to learn and sincere thanks again to George and The Photography Institute for the excellent tuition, support and professionalism..."

...Tonia Corner. Turramurra, NSW.

"Signing up for the digital photography course from The Photography Institute was some of the best money I have ever spent!

The course was packed with so much fascinating and useful information and yet it was formatted in such a way as to be easily understood and assimilated.

Every area of expertise was informative and contained much extra material which gave me an excellent grounding in not only the most up-to-date technical knowledge but also the amazing history behind each part of this complex art.

George Seper has filled this course with not only his impressive knowledge and expertise but also his own personal take on the world of photography sharing many of his hard-won insights in an illuminating and frequently humourous way. Learning from him has been like taking a personal journey through his career to arrive at a dazzling composite of technical ability and a sound understanding of how to market oneself and make it work.

This course filled in all the blanks for me and has been so artistically stimulating that I have since developed a really exciting and innovative business plan for which I am currently designing a website. The knowledge George has imparted to me has allowed me the confidence to start my own career and the feedback I have currently been receiving is most encouraging.

I found the assignments were a perfect way to put my learning to the test and they were both challenging and exciting enough to keep me interested and enthused. And George's feedback was really focused and useful. I very much appreciate the breadth of his experience and have a huge respect for his work ethic.

It is wonderful to know that I can refer back to the modules at any time to brush up before a shoot and that whatever I turn my hand to it will definitely have been adequately covered in the course. And with the benefit of online study, all this learning has been possible from the comfort and convenience of my own home, at times of my choosing, and at a rate appropriate for my lifestyle.

I feel that the single most important thing I have gained is that I now have the technical knowledge and the business overview that will allow me to proceed with the empowerment of a sound understanding of every aspect of this complex, fulfilling vocation..."

...Tauri Huddleston. Herberton, Qld.

"I have always been told I had a bit of a knack for photography and by doing this course I have found out that I may have more than that.

The course was informative, challenging and ultimately has improved my photography greatly, so much so that I am contemplating a career change.

Being able to pace my learning was a big factor in choosing this course as I work full-time, so being able to do the assignments at my own pace was a godsend. The assignments were interesting, well structured and certainly force you to extend your abilities while laying a solid foundation of knowledge at the same time.

My thanks to my tutor, who was supportive, encouraging and instructive and I appreciate his help, constructive critique and guidance.

I am certainly a better photographer for having completed this course and now I am looking forward to a rewarding career in the industry. What a great course!..."

My Website:

My Flickr Webpage:

...Shane Taylor. Brisbane, Qld.

"After only recently completing the professional photography course, I have to admit that I am truly going to miss the input from George and his team.

George Seper is an amazing tutor and I am grateful for his extensive knowledge that he has shared with me. I received productive criticism from George when he marked my assignments and it was wonderful to be able to share my thoughts with such a worldly professional photographer.

I thank you especially George for your expertise and sharing your thoughts and knowledge with me.

The modules are excellently crafted, with George’s humour and skilful tips and the information is very concise and easy to understand. The assignments made me go out and take photos of subjects that I would not normally photograph, so this helped me to develop my skills in photographing still life, not only people.

I feel very confident in the line of work that I am going to focus on and would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is interested in photography or would like to become a professional photographer.

I thank you very much for the knowledge that you have equipped me with..."

...Kerrie McDonald. Yeppoon, QLD.

"The course was brilliant! Being able to do it at my own pace worked well with my life style and was easy to do whilst still maintaining a full time job at the same time. The modules were written in a very easy to understand manner and abundant with inspiration and motivating discussions.

The assignment marking was very prompt and jam packed with useful advice and critiques that will be of value for a life time and I always felt confident that my work would be marked with the utmost of fairness and honesty. The tutor treated me as an individual and all his commentary was aimed at giving me every possible assistance in paving a future in photography, and using my very own style of photography.

Being able to connect with tutors and students on Facebook was very rewarding and allowed me to discuss any aspect of photography, the course, and follow each others work. I put an edge on writing my own assignments and it inspired me to be more creative. I will continue to keep updated with fellow student discussion boards long after my course is finished.

The staff and admin at The Photography Institute where very accommodating and I felt very much like I had friendly and personalised relations.

Doing the course gave me great direction and a huge confidence boost. It is an invigorating feeling knowing that soon my diploma will be arriving in my mailbox

I fully recommend to everyone wanting to study photography to go ahead with The Photography Institute. It was well worth it for me..."

...Gary Kewish. Bundaberg, QLD.

"When I first started this course I felt like an amateur with a good camera. Move forward just a few months and I actually have an understanding of photography concepts - such as light, lenses, exposure and composition.  I now feel like a photographer!

I used to take all of my pictures on auto mode but now my camera never moves off manual mode and the important thing is that I feel confident in getting the settings right and this is because of the targeted assignments and information and feedback I got along the way.

I also felt very supported as I went through a family emergency for quite a long period during my course and my tutor was very understanding and accommodating of the situation. Another awesome thing about the course is that it costs so much less than other photography courses I looked at. I couldn't afford to pay $10,000+ up front before I had figured out if I was going to be good at photography and like it. For this course I was able to pay much less and also pay it off over the course, instead of paying for it upfront. I don't feel like the reduced cost made a difference to the quality of the course as I have been taught everything I need to know and was always able to get fast and thorough responses from my tutor whenever I didn't quite get something.

This course has equipped me with the knowledge (and confidence) to go from taking some pictures at my brother's band's gigs to getting enquiries and paid work from bands who I've never met before.

An example of the sorts of photos I am now taking are on my website:

I could never have dreamed of taking shots like this before I started the course. Thanks very much!..."

...Bronwyn Peachey. Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC.

"The Diploma in Photography has helped me immensely over the past year and will continue to help me for years to come. The course has a wealth of information that I will draw back on for a long time. For the amateur photographer who thinks they know all about photography, think again, there is so much to learn and I'm sure this course is only the tip of the ice berg, but it has opened up my eyes to a world of knowledge. The course has improved my photography over the past year and has therefore increased my satisfaction in taking photos.

The course has opened new chapters in my photography life by allowing me to dabble in genre’s I normally wouldn’t shoot such as portrait and food photography, as well as channeling my passion for landscape photography in to travel/resort photography, a passion I am now perusing as a second income. To be paid to take photos would be a dream come true and I feel it would not have been a possibility without this course.

The tutors always return assignments promptly with very helpful responses and information. A professional opinion on your photographs is an excellent learning tool.

Student Support is always friendly and helpful and the new facebook group is fantastic for engaging with other students and Student Support.

I have made a small website to showcase some of my photos while I build a more professional website to hopefully start my travel & resort photography business:

Thank you PI..."

...Gavin Nethery. Gerringong, NSW.

"I just finished The Photography Institute's course, and it’s amazing how much I have actually learnt in 6 months! I loved this online course firstly because it was extremely easy to get to, secondly, everything is laid out very simply and finally, it's awesome not having to bring out books, paper, pens and all the mess for more conventional study! I also loved the convenience of logging in from difference places and from different computers.

My tutor and the Support team were amazing, basically if you need to ask a question or need help with anything, they are really onto it and don't mess around waiting to reply.

This course has everything you need to know about photography, I swear, from the technical, to the practical, to the interesting, to the funny, and for the best part, the secrets! I did really learn a lot from this course, I'm now not scared to bring my camera out and use it, to tell you the truth, before this course I was scared to bring my camera out and use it because I wasn't sure of how to do things right and I didn’t like the images I was taking, which made it even worse.

I've been into photography for a couple of years already, but before this course I never knew the true meaning of photography, so with The Photography Institute, I now know the rights from the wrongs.

I would like to thank all those who helped me through the course!..."

...Ila Tumahai. San Juan, La Union. The Philippines.

"Studying for this diploma has been an amazing experience.

I thought I took ok, maybe good photos before I started but now, I know I can take great photos. I was lucky enough to be mentored by George Seper. His kind, but gently critical comments really made me see where I could improve in my work or plainly where I was going wrong. George always reminded me to find my own style and to perfect what makes my work special.

The course material was an easy read, I often found myself laughing at some of Georges personal experiences & comments. As a result of me taking this course, I am currently in the midst of having my first piece of work published by a local news paper!

The following link can access some of my work, please feel free to take a look.

Facebook page

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their skills..."

...Kylie Ann. Cowley Orelia, WA.

"Being able to do this course online has allowed me the freedom to develop my craft around other commitments. It inspired excellence, taught me things about my camera I didn't know, taught me creative techniques and how to actually create images not just take images.

It has given me the confidence to move beyond my comfort zone and develop my own vision of image making. From completing this recognised diploma course, I already have been commissioned for a commercial product shoot.

Thanks David (my tutor) for your input and feedback after each assignment. It was invaluable and like another tutorial in itself. I thoroughly recommend this course if you are interested in taking your photography to the next level..."

...Janette Anderson. Boronia, VIC.

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