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Interesting Links

Adobe (Photoshop)

Adobe (Convert RAW files to Adobe universal DNG file format)

Ad News (Advertising trade journal)

Australian Institute of Professional Photography

Alien Skin (Photoshop plug-ins)

Apple Computers (Hardware, software & aperture)

Baltronics (Now Sun Studios - Professional photo gear)

B&T Yearbook (Guide to the advertising industry)

Betterlight Scanning Backs

Canon Cameras & Printers

David Goldman Photography (Freelance Photographer & Tutor)

digiDIRECT Digital Camera Specialists

Digital Camera Reviews, Tips, Tutorials and News

Discount Digital Photographics (Online discount cameras)

Discount on-line Camera Gear

Eleven40 (Photography hire studio in Melbourne)

Epson (Printers)

Fuji (Film & cameras)

George Seper (Author, Freelance Photographer & Tutor)

Gimp (Image Manupilation Program - Free Download)

Gossen (Light meters)

Gretag Macbeth (Calibration tools)

Harman Inkjet Paper
(Superb Baryta inkjet paper resembling wet process photo paper)

Hewlett Packard (Printers & computers)

Irfanview (Free tool to change Image Dimensions)

Kodak (Film, cameras & software)

LaCie (Computer storage devices)

Matthew Evans (Freelance Photographer & Tutor)

Nikon (Cameras)

Pantone (Colour systems)

Phase One (Digital backs and software)

Pet Photography

Professional website for creative photographers

Pixel Genius (Photoshop plug-ins)

Polaroid (Instant film products)

Rosco (Diffusion material)

San Disk (Camera memory devices)

Sinarbron (Cameras & flash gear)

The Front (studio and equipment hire)

The National Grid (Multi-disciplinary design distillery based in Sydney)

The travel photography website and blog

The Ultimate Photographic Destination  
(Display, share, sell your photography and communicate with other
passionate photographers around the world.)

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